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Juan Carlos Rico Rodríguez: Solidarity with Tamara from Zuera Prison

From Tokata (August 26, 2011):

To everyone:

Comrades, our friend and comrade TAMARA HERNÁNDEZ HERAS will be “judged” in mid-September by a court belonging to this “democratic Dictatorship” we’re suffering. The prosecutor’s sentencing request (16 years in prison) portends yet another new legal aberration, and aims at an exemplary punishment for our comrade.

Her only crime is BEING COHERENT in thought and action, based on her conscience. In reality, that’s what they want to punish her for: exercising solidarity with comrades who suffer imprisonment. Nothing more, nothing less. I think (?) her trial is on September 14* at Barcelona Provincial Court, and for the duration of that trial, I and other comrade prisoners will be undertaking the appropriate fast as a show of support. That’s all I can do from here on the inside. I hope that on “la rue,” YOU WILL BE LISTENING. “Absolution” for TAMARA.

From Zuera prison slaughterhouse (Solitary wing) in Zaragoza on August 15, 2011,

Juan Carlos Rico Rodríguez

*This date is correct.

Call for solidarity ahead of Tamara Hernández Heras’ September 14 court date

From Tokata (July 4, 2011):

Note from TIOJ: For background on this story, click here for all the articles we’ve posted on the Tamara Hernández Heras case.


I call on Tamara’s friends and comrades, as well as all those close to her in this struggle against systematic abuse by the State, to join together in support of our comrade, who will be tried for the remaining charges against her on September 14 at the Seventh Provincial Court in Barcelona.

1. On the outside, with protests in front of the courthouse where they will attempt to judge her.

2. For those of us behind the walls of Spanish State Death Camps, with a protest fast on the same day as the trial, since not only will they be judging her, they will be judging all who defend freedom. We can’t allow the fascist courts to again imprison another comrade, repressing those who think differently in their refusal to submit or be fooled by a System that capriciously manipulates the thinking of human beings in order to subject them to its decrees like mere puppets.

Our comrade is being tried on the basis of highly dubious evidence and trumped-up charges, but the only crime she has committed is the crime of being a free spirit whose enormous heart is dedicated to supporting those of us who are fighting for our freedom.

I therefore feel that, as her friends and comrades, it is our duty to show her our total solidarity and support with all the conviction, determination, and affection we can muster at this critical juncture in her life, as fascism attempts to deprive her of her liberty.

Our protests must make the State aware that freedom is like an ember, and if they take away our comrade’s freedom, they will once again be burning their own hands.

Now, comrades, all that’s left is for me to send you, through these words, all my strength, encouragement, and support, as well as a powerful embrace full of rebellion.

Anarchy, health, and freedom!!

For Tamara!

—Honorio “Pope” Gómez Alfaro; from Madrid III prison slaughterhouse; June 30, 2011

Letter from Tamara about the anti-prison struggle

From Liberación Total (June 28, 2010):

It only takes a quick look around to see that we live and breathe prison. We are born in chains and condemned to endure a miserable, empty existence subject to the control of a System of domination that enslaves and feeds on our lives, and whose best weapons against dissent are the prisons charged with sowing fear among those who break the law and clash with order.

Prison is one of the System’s strongest pillars. It was made for those who don’t submit, for those who—consciously or not—exemplify the misery created by the System.

In addition, it’s now a very profitable business. Prison is one of power’s cruelest tools of vengeance: punishment. Inside prison, injustice and abuse abound, revealing the brutal aspiration to destroy people. There, everything is designed to annihilate; to create a meager subsistence; to make one feel the most intense loneliness; to distance; to erase dreams and memories, which are lost to time by those whose minds and voices are unable to scale the walls that use routine and habit to cage something more than bodies. Support and solidarity must then become visible, strike, and shatter the concrete and cold bars, preventing them from silencing the voices within.

When we talk about Repression, we sometimes adopt the attitude of victims, which obstructs our view of reality; namely, that we are immersed in an open war, in which repression is no more than the System’s response to any attack on its foundations. It’s an attempt to restrain us, and that’s why we should always assume a position of conflict, and keep fighting.

The struggle against prison concerns all of us who want to retake control of our lives, who refuse the dying of the light, who don’t want to take part in their lies, who resist further perpetuating the silence of a society that has become complicit in all that tries to steal our lives and oppress us.

Every day, with every gesture, at every moment, we have the opportunity to seize our freedom.

An embrace for all, filled with rebellion, liberty, and complicity.

Every strength, courage, support, and solidarity to Alfons, Nuria, Rodri, Gabriel, Marco, Juan Carlos, Diego, and so many other compas who are struggling and suffering the consequences of repression: May your cries never be silenced, nor your rebel hearts forgotten.

My deepest scorn and hatred for our executioners. It’s not going to be easy for them to defeat us.


—Tamara; June 6, 2010

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Tamara set free!

From Punto de Fuga, Klinamen, and Tamara Libertad:

April 22, 2010

Our comrade Tamara walked out of Brians prison this morning. Thanks to all who supported her in one way or another.

Not much more is known right now. We imagine that some of the appeals for provisional liberty pending trial have been granted, although we cannot confirm this. It’s likely that she will still have to face a lengthy judicial process.


Latest news on Tamara’s situation

From Klinamen:

April 8, 2010

Four months have passed since December 15, when they abducted our friend and comrade Tamara. Even today, her mail is still being confiscated, and it is impossible for her to communicate with people outside her family.

On the legal end, an appeal was filed in which the letter-bomb’s contents were analyzed and its possible effects assessed. This assessment was positive for our comrade, since it confirmed that the letter-bomb she is charged with sending could not possibly have caused serious harm. Let’s remember that the reasons why our comrade currently finds herself in preventive detention are the severe charges she is facing, which would be refuted with this new information.

The appeal was denied in principle by the judge, so the same appeal was filed today in provincial court with the aim of securing our comrade’s conditional liberty pending trial, since the arguments for continuing her preventive detention are based solely on her abductors’ opinions and their desire to keep her locked up.

Whether or not she is responsible for sending the letter-bomb, we believe that this series of “coincidences” is a result of the anti-prison struggle and the constant solidarity shown by our comrade with all those who, in one way or another, are suffering the abuses of power. It’s an inconvenience to the state that there are people like Tamara who struggle every day to expose all the shit hidden and suppressed behind the prison walls. These are the consequences.

Therefore, we demand that our comrade be set free. And we encourage everyone to go out and show solidarity with her and all those who, at this very moment, are suffering the abuses of this rotten system.



Police academy attacked near Atocha station in Madrid

From Indymedia Madrid:

April 5, 2010

Early Saturday morning, the entrance to a training facility for police and other servants of the state was attacked with stones. As long as they continue to imprison and beat us, as long as they exist, they will be thrashed. We attacked this academy with ease. Every one of us can spread revolt. Let’s attack all those who defend the state, who protect the dominators and their laws in order to keep the state functioning. Let’s stop the destruction of the Earth, let’s stop this barbarism. Let’s leave defensive strategy behind and begin the attack.

For Tamara, for all the imprisoned comrades, for the caged and tortured animals!

—Wild Earth

Communiqué from J.C. Rico on the release of M. Pinteño and A. Casellas

From Tokata:

March 26, 2010

Today I found out that Manuel Pinteño and Amadeu Casellas are FREE. Personally, even though I’ve never met them, this news fills me with joy. Yet it hasn’t pushed me into a state of euphoria. The fascist, thieving, oppressor state hasn’t given these comrades a gift. On the contrary, it has “stolen” the best years of their lives. And in dealing with these two people, as well as with comrade Joaquín Garcés, it has completely crossed the threshold of IT’S OWN existing laws regarding sentencing terms.

I’m not just happy for Manuel and Amadeu. I’m also happy for their families and loved ones, because this atrocious ordeal is over for them as well. But on the other hand, it saddens me to be reminded each day that the prison/murder industry inexorably continues to function at full throttle, leaving behind a stream of death, suffering, torture, and insanity. This fact should lead us neither to complacency nor to the delusion that “the system works just fine; it has its flaws, but it works.” That’s not the case. Nothing can be said to work when the very reasons for its existence, the principles that regulate its operation, are based on inequality and crime.

Therefore, I want to express my delight at the release of these two comrades, but I again want to repeat that while a single prisoner exists, while a single prison/living hell exists, while the State exists, we will continue to be “cannon fodder” for the death industry.

For this very reason, I insist on fire to the system. I’m calling for an increase in actions against it on an international level, not through “days of struggle,” but through permanent war all over the planet. We will always find one another there. Only through violent confrontation will we manage to Free ourselves from all their gallows, from all their executioners, from wholesale legalized murder. The rest is . . . I’m refraining from judgments so as not to hurt others’ feelings.

Free Tamara.

From Valdemoro prison slaughterhouse, isolation block.

—Juan Carlos Rico Rodríguez

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