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CARI-PGG claim responsibility for mailing package-bombs to prison wardens in Mexico

From Culmine (March 8, 2011):

During the week of February 22 to 27, we mailed two package-bombs addressed to the wardens of two prisons: the Northern Preventive Prison for Men and the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center for Men (CEVAREPSI), both in Mexico City. Of course, the action was censored and suppressed. These packages contained a few variations compared to those previously sent to the Chilean embassy. A capsule filled with a small quantity of ammonium nitrate was added, and other technical aspects of the detonation were changed. This action is part of a countercampaign directed against the Mexico City Government’s (GDF) campaign to recruit citizens as prison guards. The packages were prepared with a larger quantity of explosive material, because this time we didn’t need to show any consideration for whoever opened them, given that everyone constituting the prison system is an accomplice to the tortures inflicted on prisoners. We are obviously referring to guards, wardens, and repressive tactical units, but also to doctors who supposedly do humanitarian work yet deliberately act in complicity with the state. In addition, the packages were made with greater precision in order to prevent accidental detonation.

On this occasion, we decided to address two types of prisons that hold human beings.

These sickening institutions have been around for hundreds of years and have NEVER managed to resolve ANYTHING.

As well as demeaning people, these horrid death camps subjugate them, torture them, degrade them, and treat them as if they were the foulest trash in existence. And if they’re lucky, a select few are able to walk away with their spirit and dignity intact, although traces of prison linger in the memory forever.

Many of our comrades are being held captive there right now, and many of you reading this communiqué must also have loved ones trapped in these terrible places. Maybe they’re innocent, or maybe they’re actually responsible for the acts they’re accused of. Ultimately, we all know that the vast majority of “crimes” committed are the result of this system, which tries to convince us that political and (especially) economic power will bring us happiness.

We’re fed up with a group of useless bureaucrats—whose judgments lead them to decadence and wealth—deciding who deserves to be free and who doesn’t.

And we’re not just talking about prisons with bars, but also prisons where rubber rooms, non-stop medication, electroshocks, and negligence are an everyday feature.

We also want to talk about these places, intentionally forgotten by society.

Mexico currently has 2.7 psychiatrists for every 100,000 inhabitants and dedicates 0.85% of its budget to mental health. Is that enough? Of course not.

Our intention is not to defend those who clearly can’t defend themselves due to their being strapped to a hospital bed, or inappropriately and unnecessarily medicated for 24 hours a day just to keep them out of trouble. No, our intention is to make everyone think about the reality experienced by thousands of people who are voiceless, or who don’t count because they’re “crazy.”

These people are also imprisoned, just because they’re depressed, because they don’t think like everyone else, because they view themselves differently, or simply because they don’t accept this absurd reality.

It’s necessary to fight these places, which obliterate minds and are just as abnormal as other prisons. But many people don’t realize this. Perhaps it’s simply because they or someone close to them aren’t suffering there, so it doesn’t directly affect them. Or maybe they think these very delicate issues are not their responsibility.

But this is reality, and it’s an error we keep repeating, dragging it behind us for so many years, yet another mistake weighing on our backs.

Yet if we all know it serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever, why do we allow it to continue?

Which is really another way of asking: Who has the right to deprive us of our liberty?

Who empowered them to judge our lives?

We think it’s important to reflect on whether prisons really serve us or whether they are used only to instill the fear of being inside them, and examine whether the terror they sow is of any use to us. Either be rewarded for being a “normal, exemplary citizen” and obeying all the orders you’re given, or be punished: “If you misbehave, you’ll go straight to prison.” But in actuality, any behavior outside the parameters of “normal” is considered bad behavior and deserving of punishment.

That’s all. You must always be afraid of (and respectful toward) authority and expect the worst from everything that appears evil. But you should know this: Going to prison or going crazy are the worst things that can happen to you in life, and society will then either brand you a criminal or a pitiful lunatic for the rest of your days.

We don’t want to allow such institutions to continue existing. We can’t allow it. That’s why we firmly believe they should burn alongside those who keep them functioning.

Everyone pays eventually. For so many years, these people have been responsible for cutting our experiences short, overturning our lives at will, and murdering our freedom. They should pay as much or even more than those who are suffering in prison, just so they feel for themselves what it means to be a prisoner of this lethal system.

They absolutely must burn, not just with fire spread by our hands, but also with fires started by others.

There’s no shortage of fire and dynamite. All that’s missing are more hands with the courage to use them. And there are plenty of things out there that need to be destroyed.

Until they all burn!

Extreme violence will topple what extreme violence sustains!!

In memory of  Xosé Tarrío and everyone murdered by prison society!!!

Solidarity with the prisoners of the Chilean state, Yiannis Dimitrakis, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Marco Camenisch, and everyone imprisoned in the state’s death camps!!

Evolution requires freedom, and we cannot be free if we are not rebellious. . . . You must arm yourself, not with a useless vote that will only ever be worth as much as the tyrant allows, but with shrewdly effective weapons, whose use will lead to dynamic evolution instead of the regression advocated by pacifist fighters.

Never be passive! Rebellion, now and forever.

—Práxedis Gilberto Guerrero, revolutionary anarchist who died in combat on December 30, 1910 in Janos, Chihuahua, Mexico

At war with the state and prison society.

—Práxedis G. Guerrero Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution

Arson at National Institute of Forestry, Agricultural, and Livestock Research in Mexico

From Culmine (March 3, 2011):

Communiqué from the Earth Liberation Front, Mexico:

We, the Earth Liberation Front, take responsibility for the arson at the Mexican Valley Experimental Field in Texcoco, Mexico State. The field belongs to the National Institute of Forestry, Agricultural, and Livestock Research (INIFAP), which is dedicated to the research and development of “improved technology” in the areas of agriculture, animal husbandry, and forest exploitation. For example, INIFAP has been responsible for the production of over 100 new genetic varieties of plants since 2005, greatly increasing the country’s crop production and therefore its demand for land to be deforested and polluted with pesticides and herbicides.

This year, INIFAP opened the National Center for Genetic Resources (CNRG), which is responsible for storing genetic samples of every species endemic to Mexico and Latin America.

The Scientists in this field argue that their project is beneficial to ecosystems, but if we analyze it, these people are really dedicating their lives to the creation of new types of organisms in the name of progress. If we leave such a great variety in their hands, will anything ever be out of their reach? INIFAP also carries out forestry research, which it uses to promote the increased deforestation of wild habitats. For example, two weeks ago INIFAP published an article about the timber industry, an institution that had developed “ecological” (note the quotes) furnaces for drying logs in the mountains north of Puebla. In its article, INIFAP made its hopes clear that these furnaces would lead to growth in the region’s forestry industry, thus threatening an environment in which all kinds of species coexist.

Therefore, we claim the following ecotages inside and outside this federal institution:

1. Leaving an incendiary device—made from three liters of gasoline, fuses for detonation, and air freshening pellets as delays—among hundreds of sacks of herbicide in a warehouse inside their facility.

2. Leaving another incendiary device—fueled by four liters of gasoline—at the entrance to the main building near the experimental field.

3. Leaving two incendiary devices inside two greenhouses outside and behind the facility.

4. Also leaving behind declarative and threatening graffiti—like “THIS TIME IT WAS FIRE, NEXT TIME IT WILL BE BOMBS,” “ELF,” “INIFAP = DESTRUCTION OF WILD NATURE,” “FLT,” “MORE GMOS, MORE FIRE,” among others—on the windows, floor, and walls of the main building; the walls of the other buildings; an INIFAP van; and the power generator.

We’ve struck again. We made use of months of thorough investigation to study the target, taking into account the shifts of the guards, who must have certainly been surprised to find out we were there that morning of February 27—leaping over their security fence, running through their parking lot, and turning our existence into a threatening aggravation to the projects of those who dream of total domestication. We infiltrated the institution itself as well as its fields, where the greenhouses were located. We shifted into action once again, our fire reigniting to damage and destroy the property of those who believe they own the planet on which we survive as the degenerate species of the technological-industrial system.

Keeping our imprisoned anticivilization comrades Adrián and Braulio in mind, we’re absolutely ready to make this type of attack a clear message to industries and institutions that implement technological development.

In another sense, the attack was a symbolic act directed at science and technology. To us, the action may have been of very little or no importance, but it was still necessary, since from our perspective it’s deplorable to sit around like mere passive spectators waiting for things to change. We don’t believe that this action is going to change reality right away, as that would make us either naive or overly pragmatic. But it does function as a desperate act of expression through which we signify that the reality we live in must be negated in its totality, and that the best negation is the destruction of whatever gives meaning to the establishment: “social peace,” normality, institutions, respect for property, etc. In this case, the destruction was directed at one of the major parts of modernity’s system of domination: techno-science. This time, the attack was on a federal government institution responsible for forestry research and biotechnology, among other things. As a pretext for its existence, we’re told that it is seeking a better life for the human beings who live in this country, creating acceptance of this kind of research among the populace. But, as we all know, there are also negative aspects, which to us have greater impact and are more unacceptable and than the benefits: the artificialization and domination of wild nature, especially of potentially free beings including human beings, plus the denial of the necessary autonomy for free human self-determination. On the one hand, the state grants itself the right and the obligation to provide its inhabitants with the means for their survival. On the other hand, the state isn’t even necessary, since it causes alienation whenever its subjects doesn’t find themselves directly immersed in activities that serve to satisfy their survival needs. This leads to numerous psychosocial problems, and of course generates the market as an intermediary, which in turn functions through the standardization of the massive present-day consumption that is deteriorating the environment. This is very much related to the institution we attacked, which attempts to make excuses for continuing its scientific barbarism by creating new technologies—in this case, biotechnologies that claim to solve the problems that science itself causes, fostering the idea that such ecosystem deterioration doesn’t matter as long as we have the science to fix it. Thus, a vicious circle is created that attempts to solve problems with more problems, under the pretense of a “better life.”

Our proposal is to negate the artificial reality that civilization has constructed, not indirectly, but by seeking a way of life that doesn’t involve domination—the most autonomous way of life possible within wild ecosystems and without intermediaries, especially those that are mere deceptions like science and modern dominating technology. Of course, this proposal won’t be accepted by most people, which is fine and even desirable, since among the problems posed by forms of social organization are the dominating structures conceived by mass societies. Therefore, we trust that people who have a truly critical and radical conscience will reflect on the real problems confronting us and act accordingly.

We continue to be the burning rage of a dying planet.

—Earth Liberation Front, Mexico

Bombing at police station in Mexico State

From Culmine (February 9, 2011):

But who votes for them? Who lowers their head in deference? Who admires them and wants, or at least wants their kids, to be just like them? Who remains silent in the face of the injustices they commit? There is only one answer: SOCIETY.

—Gerasimos Tsakalos

During the night of February 5, we decided to attack our old enemies. The target was a police station located in the Potrero suburb of Coacalco, Mexico State.

At around 8 p.m., we placed an explosive device made from butane gas canisters and gasoline next to a motorcycle parked near the entrance to the station. A homemade delay activated the fuse and detonated the explosive, causing a loud noise to shake the area. The motorcycle was damaged, as was the façade of the station that gives refuge to the idiotic defenders of those who believe they are masters of everything.

Several vans arrived on the scene, full of police imbeciles dressed in their military uniforms. They showed up just in time to get a look at the remains of our explosive.

This attack was specially planned and designed to occur when the police were most vulnerable in their “workplace.” A police van with its siren on right in front of us didn’t stop our operation.

They should know that, yet again, they haven’t stopped us. They should know that these attacks won’t cease. It’s as easy for us to leave behind a bag filled with explosives as it is to make an attempt on their lives. We don’t care if they might be fathers with families, or any of that shit. They are police, and the only things they deserve are bombs, fire, stones, and death. Do they think we haven’t seen them extort? Do they think we haven’t seen their convoys, taking note of their lack of courage as they terrorize with their rifles and covered faces? Do they think we haven’t seen the bastards from the Coacalco Special Rapid Reaction Squad (GERI-C) making the rounds in their armored trucks, deluding themselves into believing that they are the heroes of Coacalco? Do they think we haven’t seen their extreme megalomania as they ride around in their black trucks? They are more like shock troops or paramilitaries than loyal servants of the capital-state’s orders. They should know this: The only thing they evoke is not fear, but disgust and revulsion at their righteous authority as well as their uniform.

We don’t care if this kneeling, submissive society respects or fears them. It doesn’t matter to us if people cheer them or get scared when they pass by. We are not a vanguard, here to defend the “poor little exploited ones.” We are not avengers of the “oppressed people.” We are sickened by all those leftist causes that only make the system reexamine and repair its flaws. We aren’t fighting for a humane ecocide. We’re fighting for ourselves as individuals, for the animals, for the earth, for autonomy, and for wild nature.

It’s worth saying again: We won’t sit around waiting to attack, since we are not part of this cowardly society. We will go to their headquarters and their guard posts, and when they hear an explosion or see something engulfed by flames, every policeman in Mexico and the rest of the world will be reminded of us.

Anytime and anywhere, we will continue to attack despite all the security cameras they’ve put in the streets and avenues, despite their military-police routines, despite their operations, despite their threats. Now we’ve made it clear.

The war continues. With or without our imprisoned comrades, the bombs will keep exploding and the fire will continue to light up the night sky, because chaos is not dead!

Direct solidarity with Adrián Magdaleno Gonzales: You’re still standing, so go ahead and laugh at the prison authorities who think they’ve crushed your spirit!

Direct solidarity with Braulio Arturo Durán: You keep smashing the cells that hold you captive, and we’ll keep shattering reality on the outside!

Direct solidarity with the “bombings case” prisoners in Chile: No set-up lasts forever!

Direct solidarity with Walter Bond in the United States: Even the FBI can’t eradicate your wild conviction!

Direct solidarity with Silvia, Costa, and Billy in Switzerland, and Leo in Italy: Avanti with anticivilization and eco-anarchist ideas!

Direct solidarity with Panayiotis Argyrou, Gerasimos Tsakalos, and the others charged with being members of the Fire Cells Conspiracy in Greece, who are now on hunger strike: Antisocial, nihilist, and anarchist until the end!

—Earth Liberation Front (Informal Anarchist Federation/Global Network)

ALF & ELF attack ecosystem-devastating machines in Mexico

From Culmine (December 9, 2010):

Somewhere, during the afternoon of December 8, we armed our incendiary devices and conspired to attack the machines that devastate ecosystems and create civilization.

The target: A lot on the edge of the Mexican interstate highway in Nextlalpan, full of planet-destroying machines waiting to be used again by wage-slaves for an infrastructural highway project.

The machines belonged to the Carso construction company (owned by the wretched Carlos Slim). A huge floodlight illuminated them in an attempt to deter anyone from getting too close. Nevertheless, we were able to do exactly that.

At night, we jumped over the railing separating the interstate highway from the pedestrian walkway. We slipped undetected beneath the machines and attached timed incendiary devices to:

1. The front pedals of a steamroller, so that the fire would consume the wiring located between the pedals and the engine.

2. The wiring of a large machine used for transporting and laying concrete.

3. The engine of another steamroller.

4. The wiring leading to the engine of a road grader.

Our devices ignited while we were making our getaway. From far away, we could see flames—caused by green elves—consuming the machines responsible for wiping out the planet’s wildlife. We weren’t going to wait for the real COP16 chaos in Cancún to begin just so we could strike elsewhere, because we don’t wait, we simply act. If not now, when?

This action is dedicated to the Animal Liberation and Earth Liberation warriors locked up in the system’s prisons: Adrian Magdaleno, Braulio Arturo, Abraham López. The fire that consumed the machines also represents you! Stay strong!

Animal Liberation Front/Earth Liberation Front, Mexico State

Práxedis G. Guerrero Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution torch two police cars in Mexico

From Culmine (October 18, 2010):

Torched police cars communiqué:

Using deliberate arson as a weapon of sabotage, during the night of Friday, October 5, we set fire to two San Vicente Chicoloapan municipal police cars in Mexico State. We used two timed devices. These sabotages form part of the protests in solidarity with the comrade prisoners in Chile after the repressive operations framed by the so-called Bombings Case. Because as anarchists, we understand that solidarity—in addition to being much more than just a lovely word—translates into individual or collective actions directed against the powerful and the institutions that protect them. In this case, that means the police. To us, solidarity is also an internationalist weapon.

We therefore want it to be clear that we will never give up the struggle. Any attempt to stop us—like what happened with the arrests of Adrian, Abraham, and Braulio—will be in vain, since our convictions are firm and we are prepared to bring this war to its final consequences.

We send a message of solidarity to Abraham López, Adrian Magdaleno, and Braulio Duran.

We send a threat to the guardians of social order and capital’s property.

Tonight We Scream: Death to the state and long live anarchy.

—Práxedis G. Guerrero Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution

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Mexico City SSP bombing claimed

From Culmine (October 16, 2010):

Through this document, the Fanya Kaplan Commando Unit of the Práxedis G. Guerrero Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution states that it carried out the following act of sabotage during the night of October 14 to 15, 2010: Using a homemade grenade, we attacked a bus belonging to the repressive riot police squad of the Mexico City Public Security Secretariat (SSP-DF). The truck was parked in front of the Attorney General’s office on Avenida Obrero Mundial in the suburb of Navarte, just a few meters from the SSP-DF’s eastern command center. The SSP-DF and Attorney General are directly responsible for the continued imprisonment of anarchist comrades in Mexico City.

This bombing of property belonging to those who protect capital and the state should be taken as a little hint that we are continuing the struggle, which grows more direct and unmediated with each attack. It also means we don’t fear them. We are mocking them to their faces and operating on their own turf. This time we detonated a charge capable of only limited material damage to the target. Next time, our direct target will be the police. Whether they are called judicial, federal, military, or judges, they are loyal oppressors in the service of the powerful, whose property they guard.

We know there are some police officers who do their job out of economic necessity, but we also know most of them clearly understand that their job is to constitute a repressive organ—the same one that unleashed the beatings and torture during the demonstrations on October 2, the same one responsible for the maulings in Guadalajara in 2004, the same one that murdered and raped in Atenco, the same one that steals and extorts on the streets every day. They abuse their precious little badges and ranks, but those things mean nothing to us. At the same time, they try to impose their power and authority, beating up anyone who feels like living, dressing, thinking, loving, or speaking unconventionally. That’s why we’re fed up, and this is our response.

These repressive organs are the same ones that beat and tortured Adrián and Abraham, the same ones that tortured Yiannis Dimitrakis in Greece in order to protect the capitalist world order, the same ones who keep our anti-authoritarian comrades imprisoned in Chile. We are at war against all of power’s abuses and degradations. We are at war for the destruction of capital and the state.

The Mexico City police, led by the brownnosing Mancera, has failed in its numerous attempts to stop the wave of sabotage carried out by different groups against symbols of capital. They will continue to fail because we will continue to be active. Our principal concern is that these actions show how Mexico City, even with its dirty and permissive “social democratic” system, hasn’t changed one bit. Repression and harassment continue, with capitalism and environmental destruction following in their footsteps, even when an attempt is made to greenwash them.

By the way, how ironic is it that, in the currently popular movie about drug trafficking, the corrupt police chief—who collaborates with the drug traffickers and extorts money from the poor—is also named Mancera? Life is full of coincidences.

Free the anarchist and political prisoners!!!

Free Braulio Duran!!!

Total solidarity with the Chilean compas imprisoned in the Bombings Case!!!

For the destruction of the capitalist social peace and social order!!!

Attack the military-police state every day!!!

At war with the state:

—Práxedis G. Guerrero Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution; Mexico City; October 15, 2010

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Explosion near riot police HQ in Mexico City

From Culmine (October 16, 2010):

MEXICO CITY, October 15. An explosive device detonated near a Public Security Secretariat (SSP) riot police command center early this morning, damaging the the front end of a nearby bus.

The bus was parked in front of the Attorney General’s office at the corner of Avenida Obrero Mundial and Calle De Uxmal in the suburb of Navarte. Police were alerted when the vehicle began to burn after the explosion. Several ambulances arrived on the scene along with agents from the SSP Task Force, who used a special tool to search the damaged vehicle and nearby parked cars for other explosive devices.

Witnesses say they saw a cylindrical object thrown from a passing car that immediately fled the area, but no further description of the vehicle was available.

For the moment, initial investigations into the device have revealed that it could have been a firework or even a butane gas canister. There have been no arrests or injuries related to the incident.

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