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Three arrested in Buenos Aires after attack on City Government headquarters

From Viva la Anarquía! (June 30, 2011) via mass media:

Three masked suspects were arrested early Thursday morning on charges of damaging the Buenos Aires City Government headquarters at 1 Calle Bolivar.

At around 3 a.m., two Molotov cocktails were thrown at the building’s main entrance at 525 Avenida De Mayo, but only one of the devices exploded, further damaging a part of the building already under repair after being attacked during recent demonstrations against the Mauricio Macri administration.

The three male suspects were taken to the first precinct, where criminal proceedings were initiated against them. An investigation is currently underway.

Police headquarters consumed by fire in Santa Cruz, Argentina

From Viva la Anarquía! (June 22, 2011) via mass media:

The Río Gallegos police headquarters was set on fire this morning. Weeks ago, a local government office was also torched, as the province undergoes an acute political crisis.

At least two teams of firefighters worked to control the blaze that began this morning at the police headquarters building located just meters from the Santa Cruz presidential palace.

According to sources in Río Gallegos, the fire began at around 8:20 a.m. No injuries have been reported.

Although the fire was controlled, damage to police headquarters was extensive. However, the intervention of the firefighters managed to keep the blaze from spreading to the premises of the presidential palace next door.

Weeks ago, another arson affected the Board of Education headquarters in the midst of widespread protests by the province’s oil industry workers’ and teachers’ unions.

Letter from Marcelo Villarroel: To the Brothers and Sisters in Argentina

From Hommodolars Contrainformación (February 26, 2011):

Fondly remembered brothers and sisters in the various corners of the Argentine region:

It seems like it was just yesterday when, after crossing the mountains, so many faces and hearts, names and stories, convictions and desires began to appear in my life as a result of my repressive circumstances. I felt all this brotherly and sisterly solidarity so powerfully that my 22 months of imprisonment in Neuquén province  became a kind of intense complicity, whose incomparable alliances still jolt like the continuation of a war experienced by the many lives now scattered throughout the streets, mountains, forests, pampas, cities, and prison cells of these Cono Sur territories we silently roam once again. Accept, brothers and sisters, my most sincere, intimate, and affectionate greetings, full of the deepest anticapitalist love and hate, which stirs heart, desire, and reason to attack this rotten class society, this dictatorship of commodities, this democracy of nonlife.

In the daily unfolding of imprisonment, in the suffocating monotony of sensory deprivation imposed by prison here, there, and everywhere, continuous acts of resistance to the everyday totality of this human meat-grinder find echo and resonance in the most humble, rejected, and uncontrollable human beings, who have little or nothing to do with politically conscious space, with militancy, but who are mired in the reality of the most severe and unimaginable misery, in the reality of the historically stigmatized: “the lumpen proletariat.”

I say this because it is from there, from that human reality I now cope with, that I have managed to better and more completely understand the various dimensions of the diverse conditions, of the human condition, that bandits and social rebels discover in the intensity of conspiracy, in class hatred, in the solitude of the scorned, in the subversive complicity of the fugitive who fights with dignity and without fear against the police, against the vast abyss of authority. And that, that I found in Junín, in Cutral Có, in Neuquén, and now here in Santiago. I also recognize it in the experiences of many anonymous brothers and sisters who have lived and live with intensity underground, creating day-to-day affinities in which the spectacular phenomenon of politics doesn’t exist, in which formalities don’t exist, simply because when we regain control of our lives we recover our individual sovereignty, which instinctively guides us toward wider spaces of freedom. And that’s how a neighbor, a stranger, or a confidant has wound up doing much more for the potential spread of revolt than the countless politically organized groups that every day turn meetings, chitchat, and self-importance into thoroughly putrefied forms of social interaction. Politics is repugnant and rots everything it touches. Revolt has no leaders, managers, or obedient soldiers. Revolt is passion, need, and desire. It is the splendid chaos of destruction leading to boundless creation. It is the multiplication of the most sincere affections in pursuit of life in all its forms and expressions. Now, dear brothers and sisters, you must know that the shit country I was born in is controlled by power’s most devoted and vile faction, a faction entirely possessed by capitalism, neoliberalism, and ultraconservativism, repressively imposing its morals and social control. A poorly cloned mutant pieced together from the remnants of José María Aznar, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Bush, and Uribe. A crude copy of the worst is always best for capitalist interests and their project of planetary infestation.

It is in this reality that the most radical expressions, located on the subversive fringes of anarchist autonomy, have had to continue their decisive attacking operations against the social peace of the rich. In the midst of skillfully technologized state repression, an exasperating social fog, and paralyzing fear, we have witnessed the most fantastic series of television-style set-ups to justify the repressive, fabricated, shameless machinations of a state = prison = capital that bases its way of life on oppressive wage-slavery and blind obedience to the police-boss. This is “my Chile,” brothers and sisters. The day-to-day and the geographic distances may be different, but the goal is the same: Proletarians at war, subversion is our motto! And here there are encounters and proximity, differences that limit us, homes, hearts, affections, ideas, and practices that unite us, emphasizing the same path. Rebelling, attacking, radicalizing, respecting the intensity of each one who imparts her own experience. Here there are neither boundaries nor excuses. Here there is nothing to stop us from fighting.

Also know that here is the actual reciprocity of your brotherly and sisterly complicity and affection, that there are brothers and sisters who lend a hand to foster closeness and integration, that there is the will to come together and think, carrying out an attacking resistance whose origin is the historical memory of the oppressed, knowing that each and every one of us clashes with domination because we are the rebel children of the proletariat, because we hate each nation’s judges, each homeland’s bourgeoisie, each country’s gendarmes.

In any home on this strip of earth, whether in Santiago or Buenos Aires, Temuco or Neuquén, Iquique or Salta, wherever we may meet again, it will be to continue experiencing the intensity of the war to be free, dignified, and happy to never again put up with all this shit.

An embrace, a kiss, thousands of dreams of rebellion and social revolution.

For the spread of autonomous anticapitalist cells.

Toward assistance and collaboration on prisoner escapes.

While there is misery, there will be rebellion!

—Marcelo Villarroel; Anarchist Prisoner; High-Security Prison; Santiago, Chile; Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Claim for Greek embassy bombing in Buenos Aires, Argentina

From Viva la Anarquía! (January 5, 2011) via Indymedia Argentina (January 4, 2011):

In response to the trials scheduled for the coming days and the repression against our anarchist comrades from the Fire Cells Conspiracy, we decided to attack the Greek embassy in Argentina during the early morning of December 30, 2010.

Our attack coincides with a series of attacks perpetrated by comrades in Greece and Italy, because we understand solidarity as a weapon that we must use in order to confront the defenders of society’s prison system.

Just like the executioners who repeatedly murder unarmed people fighting for a piece of land to live on, we show no mercy in attacking authority when it’s least expected.

We remind them that we have plenty of reasons to blow them sky-high, into the Malos Aires of this region they appropriated. And even though it might take us a while to redress the balance, we won’t just sit around waiting for others to do what we can do ourselves.

No matter how much they tighten their security, we will always find the places where they are most vulnerable. Because we are everywhere, constantly thinking about how to eradicate domination and exploitation.


Expropriation at Carrefour

From Liberación Total (September 10, 2010):


September 8, 2010

The Heroes of 1917 Unit has attacked the offices of exploitative French company Carrefour, stealing a significant sum of ill-gotten money from the exploitative company, which is covering up its firing of employees with the support of the Kirchnerist bourgeois mafioso government. Additionally, we stole a weapon and ammunition from a member of the Argentine Naval Command, which carried out repressive assignments for the exploitative business. The oppressor was taught a severe lesson at our hands: Don’t mess with the revolutionary fighters of the Luciano Arruga Brigade.

Apart from recovering resources, this action was carried out as a protest measure against the French state’s xenophobic treatment of the Rom ethnic group, which it deported from its territory in an imitation of some of the worst abuses of the Nazi era.

Also, against the downsizing policy directed at the Carrefour workers.

—Heroes of 1917 Unit
—Luciano Arruga Brigade

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Attack on Police Precinct No. 2 in Buenos Aires

From Liberación Total (August 24, 2010):


La Plata
August 23, 2010

Taking advantage of the early morning darkness, the Juan Bianchi and Heroes of the Tragic Week Units attacked the spineless police at Precinct No. 2 in Buenos Aires, disarming an on-duty officer and stealing his weapon along with other weapons and some communications gear.

Afterward, we fled, right under the executioners’ noses.

Weapons for the People!

—Juan Bianchi Unit
—Heroes of the Tragic Week Unit
—Luciano Arruga Brigade

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Actions against union bureaucrats and Metropolitan Police in Argentina

From Liberación Total: (August 16, 2010):


July 29, 2010

We welcome the class-conscious comrades from the Hilda Guerrero de Molina Unit of the August 22 Class-Conscious Collective in Tucumán, who are joining forces with us against the exploiter capital, the state, the Mercenary Police, and the union bureaucracy. Said comrades carried out an attack on a union bureaucrat from the Provincial Transportation Union in Tucumán—a real mafia in the service of the Alperovich government—by opening fire on the hit-man’s home, leaving him a clear warning: If he continues his union activity and his bullying of class-conscious members of the Union, he will be punished for his actions.

Anarchist comrades also attacked the Truckers’ Union headquarters in Salta, causing destruction and leaving graffiti inside that refuge for the union bureaucrats who are used as salteño dictator Romero’s gang. After the attack, the Union asked the Salta Secretary General—that representative of state exploitation, for whom the Union acts as the usual thug—for protection.

Finally, the Simon Radowitzky Unit of the Luciano Arruga Brigade planted two bombs at the Metropolitan Police training center early Saturday morning. Sadly, the bombs were deactivated by Federal Police monkeys. We’ll have better luck next time, and we’ll blow the hands off those slaves of the system.

Freedom for Martino, La Galle, and other prisoners of the Social War

—Luciano Arruga Brigade
—Simon Radowitzky Unit
—Hilda Guerrero de Molina Unit

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