Insurrectionary/antiprison news and communiqués from Europe and Latin America, translated into English.

Contact: corker [at] riseup [dot] net

Note: We certainly don’t mind if you repost our content elsewhere, as long as you mention TIOJ as the source, preferably with a link back to us.

5 responses to “About”

  1. This Is Our Job says :

    Hey there falsofalso. Your e-mail address is bouncing. We agree about not duplicating efforts. If you like, we can let you know what we’re working on, and you can do the same. That way we’ll avoid duplication. However, we tend to turn around shorter pieces rather quickly.

    Are you working on anything in particular right now? Are you posting your translations regularly on any particular sites? Send us an e-mail so we can figure something out.


  2. worldwideriot says :

    we just put a link to your site on worldwideriot.net. check it out. keep up your good work!

  3. godsahn says :

    I really appreciate what you are doing, thankyou. I am planning an excursion to Argentina and Chile at the end of this month, so it is nice to have a site like yours to reference.

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