Archive | September 3, 2011

IAF/IRF: Do Not Say That We Are Few

For the first time in history, an informal organization—a federation of informal groups on a global level—has become flesh by bleeding and drawing blood.

This key document by certain Italian cells of the IAF/IRF has seemingly been given a further edit to make it more understandable in English. It is, of course, essential reading.

Molotov attack on Chilean embassy in Uruguay

From Viva la Anarquía (September 2, 2011):

At around 3 a.m. on Thursday, September 1, a Molotov cocktail detonated against the doors of the Chilean embassy at 575 25 de Mayo between Juan Carlos Gómez and Ituzaingo in Old Montevideo. According to authoritarian sources, the incendiary device was thrown by unknown perpetrators on a motorcycle. This is the second incident of this type within the last few months.

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