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Juan Carlos Rico Rodríguez: Solidarity with Tamara from Zuera Prison

From Tokata (August 26, 2011):

To everyone:

Comrades, our friend and comrade TAMARA HERNÁNDEZ HERAS will be “judged” in mid-September by a court belonging to this “democratic Dictatorship” we’re suffering. The prosecutor’s sentencing request (16 years in prison) portends yet another new legal aberration, and aims at an exemplary punishment for our comrade.

Her only crime is BEING COHERENT in thought and action, based on her conscience. In reality, that’s what they want to punish her for: exercising solidarity with comrades who suffer imprisonment. Nothing more, nothing less. I think (?) her trial is on September 14* at Barcelona Provincial Court, and for the duration of that trial, I and other comrade prisoners will be undertaking the appropriate fast as a show of support. That’s all I can do from here on the inside. I hope that on “la rue,” YOU WILL BE LISTENING. “Absolution” for TAMARA.

From Zuera prison slaughterhouse (Solitary wing) in Zaragoza on August 15, 2011,

Juan Carlos Rico Rodríguez

*This date is correct.

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