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Supermarket expropriated in A Coruña

From La Rebelión de las Palabras (March 16, 2011) via Indymedia Galicia (March 15, 2011):

On March 7, a group of eight people wearing Scream masks entered a supermarket on Calle de Orillamar, filled a shopping cart with food, and walked out, leaving copies of the following communiqué in their wake. The expropriated food was later distributed to those in need.

From Sherwood Forest:

In a world where private property is worth more than the right to a dignified life, where it’s more important to defend merchandise than to cover people’s basic needs, profit and the marketplace are the altars on which we sacrifice our daily existence. Money is what determines our destinies, and the destinies it doesn’t favor are condemned to misery. We’re fed up with an economic logic that grants wealth to a few while others suffer privation.

We are expropriating from this supermarket as an autonomous anticapitalist action, redistributing the abundance created by inequality. From our lowly position, we’ve decided to compensate—even if it’s just infinitesimally—for the imbalanced scale on which society weighs us, expropriating from one of its temples of consumerism in order to share with those in need.

If the crisis exacerbates differences, direct action will help mitigate them. If the people on top think we’re going to pay for their crisis, then they will always have to contend with the autonomous action of the exploited.


—Robin Hood Commando

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