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Arson at construction site of bourgeois homes in forest near Moscow

From Culmine (February 26, 2011) via Liberación Total (February 26, 2011):

The construction of a complex of bourgeois country homes is underway in the Moscow area, in a place called Opaliha. As usual, the buildings are located in a desirable area near a forest on the shore of Lake Lesnoe (Foresty in Russian). Right now there’s a lot of logging going on in serene pine forests, and soil moisture is being compromised due to massive construction sites and excavations. The forests and lakes are thus up for sale, privatization, and finally destruction. We will not accept this!

During the night of February 19, 2011, we true daughters and sons of Nature set fire to a supply of flammable construction material being kept in one of the open sheds. This became a huge fire inside the building. We also torched the electrical transformer, causing considerable damage to these murderers of Mother Earth.

Video and details in Russian can be viewed here.

Around the world, keep fighting for Nature and Freedom!

—Earth Liberation Front, Moscow Region

Earth-destroying machine torched in Moscow

From Culmine (February 26, 2011) via Liberación Total (February 26, 2011):

During the early evening of February 19, 2011, under the light of a full moon, we set fire to a Caterpillar bulldozer in a clearing of the Khimki forest, just north of Moscow. Private capital and the state have merged for the purpose of constructing a highway through the forest. We are making them pay for every tree they cut down.

Burning solidarity with Mikalaj Dziadok, Aliaksandr Frantskevich, Ihar Alinevich, and Maxim Vetkin (Belarusian anarchists being charged with Molotov cocktail attacks on various state and capitalist offices), Adrián Magdaleno Gonzalez and Braulio Arturo Durán in Mexico, “ALF Lone Wolf” Walter Bond in the United States, the “Bombings Case” anarchists in Chile, and the comrades in Greece being prosecuted on charges of membership in the Fire Cells Conspiracy.


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