BBVA, BCI, and BancoEstado bombings claimed in Chile

From ArdeMoyano Records (February 11, 2011):

This week, the bombs that power thought were wiped out exploded yet again. Hinzpeter, Chahuán, and Prosecutor Peña, with their 15 minutes of fame, are completely mistaken. The anticapitalist attack—autonomous, diffuse, and decentralized—will not be defeated, because in every single rebel exists the possibility of subverting the dominant order through direct attack on the structures and institutions of the Capital-State.

The echoes of the State’s last crime, perpetrated on December 8, have already begun to subside. What does it matter if the poor die in prison? It’s all the same to the  rich and their sense of order. They simply see it as a way to save police bullets. Just look at the commentary of “public opinion” regarding the San Miguel prison massacre: Domination is so efficient that, no matter what happens, the poor remain submissive with their heads bowed. The most pathetic and vulgar case is football. Mechanisms exist that are far more refined, but football is a good example of the generalized social stupor. The poor basically keep going to the stadium, jumping up and down in the bleachers, and insulting the Indians, while poor people on the opposite side keep thinking about shooting the others just because they wear a different team’s shirt. Notorious fascists like Yuraszeck or Ruiz Tagle then show up at the barbecue and drink a hearty toast to the achievement of their strategic project: making a valuable contribution to capitalist and statist domination. Meanwhile, Piñera plays around at being a pilot with one of the people responsible for the poor management of Transantiago. Perhaps the capitalist press forgot to point this out?  Navarro and Piñera in a helicopter while millions of poor people get around wearing the miserable yoke of their daily wage-slavery.

Fortunately, even the workers are beginning to go on the attack, as demonstrated by the PISA mobilization. Let’s take this opportunity to warn the Prosecutor from Colina and the PISA executives that carrying out any repressive measures will make them operational targets.

As for the sheriff of the moment, the Zionist Hinzpeter, we’d like to let him know that we’re not afraid of him. His tenure will play out exactly like that of the other puppets: Rosende, Harboe, Insulza, and Pérez Yoma. We may die or go to prison like our brothers, but others will take our place. Subversion has memory and a long reach. The flames of rebellion will catch up with them, just like they caught up with Harboe, Velasco, Schilling, Rosende, and all the other vermin. There’s no doubt about it. This is no threat. It’s a promise.

Everyone can go on the attack. It’s just a question of deciding. This insurgency—with no center or periphery, with no leaders or managers, but with a thousand faces—will not be stopped. Through this communiqué, we claim responsibility for last week’s actions against branches of BBVA, BCI, and BancoEstado.

We will defeat the fascist Hinzpeter and his repression!

—December 8 Commando, Supporters of the Informal Anarchist Federation’s call for international coordination

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