Bombing at police station in Mexico State

From Culmine (February 9, 2011):

But who votes for them? Who lowers their head in deference? Who admires them and wants, or at least wants their kids, to be just like them? Who remains silent in the face of the injustices they commit? There is only one answer: SOCIETY.

—Gerasimos Tsakalos

During the night of February 5, we decided to attack our old enemies. The target was a police station located in the Potrero suburb of Coacalco, Mexico State.

At around 8 p.m., we placed an explosive device made from butane gas canisters and gasoline next to a motorcycle parked near the entrance to the station. A homemade delay activated the fuse and detonated the explosive, causing a loud noise to shake the area. The motorcycle was damaged, as was the façade of the station that gives refuge to the idiotic defenders of those who believe they are masters of everything.

Several vans arrived on the scene, full of police imbeciles dressed in their military uniforms. They showed up just in time to get a look at the remains of our explosive.

This attack was specially planned and designed to occur when the police were most vulnerable in their “workplace.” A police van with its siren on right in front of us didn’t stop our operation.

They should know that, yet again, they haven’t stopped us. They should know that these attacks won’t cease. It’s as easy for us to leave behind a bag filled with explosives as it is to make an attempt on their lives. We don’t care if they might be fathers with families, or any of that shit. They are police, and the only things they deserve are bombs, fire, stones, and death. Do they think we haven’t seen them extort? Do they think we haven’t seen their convoys, taking note of their lack of courage as they terrorize with their rifles and covered faces? Do they think we haven’t seen the bastards from the Coacalco Special Rapid Reaction Squad (GERI-C) making the rounds in their armored trucks, deluding themselves into believing that they are the heroes of Coacalco? Do they think we haven’t seen their extreme megalomania as they ride around in their black trucks? They are more like shock troops or paramilitaries than loyal servants of the capital-state’s orders. They should know this: The only thing they evoke is not fear, but disgust and revulsion at their righteous authority as well as their uniform.

We don’t care if this kneeling, submissive society respects or fears them. It doesn’t matter to us if people cheer them or get scared when they pass by. We are not a vanguard, here to defend the “poor little exploited ones.” We are not avengers of the “oppressed people.” We are sickened by all those leftist causes that only make the system reexamine and repair its flaws. We aren’t fighting for a humane ecocide. We’re fighting for ourselves as individuals, for the animals, for the earth, for autonomy, and for wild nature.

It’s worth saying again: We won’t sit around waiting to attack, since we are not part of this cowardly society. We will go to their headquarters and their guard posts, and when they hear an explosion or see something engulfed by flames, every policeman in Mexico and the rest of the world will be reminded of us.

Anytime and anywhere, we will continue to attack despite all the security cameras they’ve put in the streets and avenues, despite their military-police routines, despite their operations, despite their threats. Now we’ve made it clear.

The war continues. With or without our imprisoned comrades, the bombs will keep exploding and the fire will continue to light up the night sky, because chaos is not dead!

Direct solidarity with Adrián Magdaleno Gonzales: You’re still standing, so go ahead and laugh at the prison authorities who think they’ve crushed your spirit!

Direct solidarity with Braulio Arturo Durán: You keep smashing the cells that hold you captive, and we’ll keep shattering reality on the outside!

Direct solidarity with the “bombings case” prisoners in Chile: No set-up lasts forever!

Direct solidarity with Walter Bond in the United States: Even the FBI can’t eradicate your wild conviction!

Direct solidarity with Silvia, Costa, and Billy in Switzerland, and Leo in Italy: Avanti with anticivilization and eco-anarchist ideas!

Direct solidarity with Panayiotis Argyrou, Gerasimos Tsakalos, and the others charged with being members of the Fire Cells Conspiracy in Greece, who are now on hunger strike: Antisocial, nihilist, and anarchist until the end!

—Earth Liberation Front (Informal Anarchist Federation/Global Network)

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