Updates on anarchist/antiauthoritarian prisoners in Greece (November 26, 2010)

From Culmine (November 26, 2010) via Indymedia Barcelona (November 26, 2010):

Another imprisoned comrade

Panayiotis Giannos was arrested on October 7 for “possession of an incendiary device,” a charge that in the past has sometimes landed people in pretrial detention, and sometimes not. History is also very ambiguous when camping gas canisters are involved. There have been trials in which they were considered “incendiary devices,” but there have been plenty of cases in which they were designated as “explosive devices.” In any event, our comrade is currently imprisoned.

The Fire Cells Conspiracy case

The recent weeks have been full of crucial moments for the Fire Cells Conspiracy. On November 1, Panayiotis Argyrou and Gerasimos Tsakalos were arrested for mailing package-bombs. On November 22, Argyrou and Tsakalos released a letter admitting their participation in the Fire Cells Conspiracy, and Harilaos “Haris” Hatzimichelakis released a similar letter the same day. Hatzimichelakis, who was arrested on September 23, 2009, had been maintaining a position similar to Konstantina “Nina” Karakatsani, Panayiotis “Takis” Masouras, and the other two people in pretrial detention for the Fire Cells Conspiracy case: always claiming a revolutionary anarchist political position while denying all the charges. Since his arrest, Hatzimichelakis has released two letters on his own, plus a third written with Karakatsani and Masouras two weeks ago.

On November 25, the Fire Cells Conspiracy released their latest communiqué. It comprises three parts: a communiqué regarding the arrest of Argyrou and Tsakalos on November 1, a claim of responsibility for the mailing of 14 package-bombs in the context of an international solidarity campaign (for example: targeting the Chilean embassy in solidarity with Freddy Fuentevilla, Marcelo Villarroel, and those arrested on August 14; targeting the Swiss embassy in solidarity with Marco Camenisch, Luca “Billy” Bernasconi, Silvia Guerini, and Costantino “Costa” Ragusa; etc.), and a call for international solidarity ahead of the Fire Cells Conspiracy trial scheduled for January 17, 2011. The communiqué is 14 pages long, and an attempt will be made to translate it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Tsakalos mother has appealed to the prosecutor in an attempt to improve conditions for her son. Tsakalos is currently locked up in Malandrino High-Security Prison, which is usually reserved for people who have already been sentenced to lengthy prison terms. He is in solitary confinement along with four others who are serving sentences of dozens of years. The prosecutor’s cynical response to his mother: “Tell your son to change his views!” This clearly demonstrates the vindictive nature of choosing this particular prison for Tsakalos.

The authorities aren’t standing still, as they want to attach even greater importance to the entire Fire Cells Conspiracy case. On Monday, November 22, a special meeting was held between the chief of police and the main prosecutor for the highest court in the country in order to discuss the location of the January trial. It will almost certainly take place at the courtroom within Korydallos Prison, where the trials of the leftist November 17 and ELA armed groups were held.

Some solidarity actions

In the early morning of November 15, a strong explosion was heard coming from the lavish Professional Journalism School building located in the Kolonaki neighborhood of Athens. The action was claimed by Terrorist Complicity/Combatants from the Abyss in solidarity with Panayiotis Argyrou and Gerasimos Tsakalos. In their communiqué, the group talked about “a gleaming series of 30 explosions,” which seems to be a reference to the number of camping gas cylinders used in the attack. Also from the communiqué: “Our objective, apart from sabotaging this particular school for the formation of snitches, was to demonstrate the effectiveness of terrorist violence in the center of the metropolis. The only weapons in our arsenal are conspiracy and our point of view, expressed through the collaborative practice of individuals. We thus invalidate the conviction that the only legitimate revolutionary violence is the violence of the masses or the movement.”

In the early morning of November 16, devices made out of camping gas canisters caused fires at three Thessaloniki locations: a municipal services office in Menemeni, a New Democracy party office in Toumba, and a van belonging to the Sikies district council. The actions were claimed by the Urban Warfare Formation and dedicated to Yiannis Skouloudisimprisoned a month ago for torching two Public Power Corporation (DEI) vehicles—and the four others named on arrest warrants pertaining to the same case.

Additionally, there was a series of solidarity arsons in Athens: several DEI vehicles in the Nea Ionia neighborhood (in solidarity with Skouloudis and the four people wanted in connection with the same case), the personal cars of two pigs in Nea Ionia and Ambelokipi (also in solidarity with Skouloudis and the four others), a UPS van (in solidarity with those charged in the Fire Cells Conspiracy case), and the Interoperability Systems International Hellas SA (ISI Hellas) headquarters in Argyroupoli (in solidarity with the Chilean comrades arrested on August 14). ISI Hellas is a military contractor that recently took part in an international aerospace industry show held at a Chilean military base. Their corporate headquarters was attacked using a suitcase filled with gasoline and activated by a fuse. All these arsons were claimed by Disreputable Conduct for the Diffusion of Revolutionary Terrorism/Anarchist Action Cell via a lengthy communiqué analyzing the current situation of the Greek anarchist milieu and strongly emphasizing international solidarity. The communiqué contained greetings to several groups in Chile and Argentina, and mentioned that the group itself would be releasing its own translation of the text.

Changes to the prisoner list

Alfredo Bonanno can thankfully be removed from the list, but we must sadly add another name:

Panayiotis Giannos
Dikastiki Filaki Koridallou-D pteryga
T.K. 18110 Korydallos
Athens – Greece

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