New arrests in Greece

From A Las Barricadas (October 15, 2010):

At 11:20 a.m. on September 17, 2010, four people in ski masks robbed a bank at gunpoint in the small town of Psachna on the island of Euboea, some 150 kilometers north of Athens. A half-hour later, on a country road near the island’s capital Chalcis, a 27-year-old man, a 28-year-old man, and a 35-year-old woman were arrested. They were brought to the Chalcis police station, where the men—Alexandros Kosivas and Michalis Traikapis—were charged with the armed bank robbery and the woman was charged with “aiding and abetting fugitives.” The charges were based largely on the comrades’ connection to the anarchist milieu (Traikapis was one of the Thessaloniki 7, along with two Spanish comrades and others, arrested during the riots surrounding the 2003 EU summit in that city and finally released thanks to a lengthy hunger strike) and dubious witness testimony (one of the witnesses, a kiosk attendant, supposedly remembered one of the comrades—just prior to the robbery—asking: “Excuse me, but where is the bank?”). The comrades didn’t have any weapons or “loot” on them at the time of the arrests, while searches of their Athens homes revealed nothing more than “ski masks, four 9 mm bullets, and other objects that are being investigated.” Nevertheless, Kosivas and Traikapis are currently in prison, while the woman was released on probation. It’s expected that they will soon write something that states their position regarding the charges, their political identity, etc.

Thodoris Delis

Last summer, two people from the Athens anti-authoritarian milieu were arrested on the island of Rhodes and charged with a bank robbery. One of them recently wrote a letter explaining what happened.


On August 16, 2010, I was arrested in Rhodes and charged with robbing an ATEbank. Because I am not limited by the perceived duality of “innocence/guilt,” and because I refused to cooperate with the authorities, the prosecutor and judge unanimously decided to imprison me. Before that, I was subjected to a number of draining interrogations by the uniformed servants of Power, both local and from Athens. The investigators were apparently under the control of the National Intelligence Service and sent specially from the Exarcheia police station to identify me and share information. They also tried, in vain, to implicate some of my personal friends and comrades in the case. They then locked me up in the Rhodes police dungeons, which is unusual. I was “visited” there by two psychologists, who examined me and put together what’s known as a “psychological profile.” Suddenly, they decided to move me to the transfer office on Petrou Ralli Street in Athens, where the people in charge refused to let me know which prison they would be taking me to. After an exhausting stay, they told me I’d be going to Alikarnassos, and it was only at the last minute that I was able to notify my family and friends about my destination. All the transfers have taken place in the manner we know all about, crushing every last bit of human dignity, while the prison was certainly not chosen by chance. It’s due to these reasons that I haven’t had time to state my position regarding the case. The judicial report still hasn’t been finalized, and they are continuing to collect evidence. Therefore, when I am able, I will write more extensively about my stance on several matters, generally and with regard to the movement.

I send comradely regards to everyone who stood by me and helped me in various ways. Additionally, I salute everyone participating in the very important initiative to create a prisoner solidarity fund, which I also took part in from the beginning.

Free everyone inside

Solidarity with all persecuted comrades

Solidarity with fighting prisoner Vangelis Pallis

—Thodoris Delis, Alikarnassos prison

Bonanno and Stratigopoulos

The trial of Alfredo Bonanno and Christos Stratigopoulos, charged with an October 1, 2009 bank robbery in Trikala and imprisoned since then, will be held on November 22. If anyone wants to support them with a monetary contribution, it can be wired to the account that was set up in Italy immediately after their arrest:

Postal Account No. 23852353
Payable to A. Medeot, CP 3431, Trieste, Italy

Any questions can be directed to:

Edizioni Anarchismo
A. Medeot
CP 3431
34128 Trieste

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