Actions against union bureaucrats and Metropolitan Police in Argentina

From Liberación Total: (August 16, 2010):


July 29, 2010

We welcome the class-conscious comrades from the Hilda Guerrero de Molina Unit of the August 22 Class-Conscious Collective in Tucumán, who are joining forces with us against the exploiter capital, the state, the Mercenary Police, and the union bureaucracy. Said comrades carried out an attack on a union bureaucrat from the Provincial Transportation Union in Tucumán—a real mafia in the service of the Alperovich government—by opening fire on the hit-man’s home, leaving him a clear warning: If he continues his union activity and his bullying of class-conscious members of the Union, he will be punished for his actions.

Anarchist comrades also attacked the Truckers’ Union headquarters in Salta, causing destruction and leaving graffiti inside that refuge for the union bureaucrats who are used as salteño dictator Romero’s gang. After the attack, the Union asked the Salta Secretary General—that representative of state exploitation, for whom the Union acts as the usual thug—for protection.

Finally, the Simon Radowitzky Unit of the Luciano Arruga Brigade planted two bombs at the Metropolitan Police training center early Saturday morning. Sadly, the bombs were deactivated by Federal Police monkeys. We’ll have better luck next time, and we’ll blow the hands off those slaves of the system.

Freedom for Martino, La Galle, and other prisoners of the Social War

—Luciano Arruga Brigade
—Simon Radowitzky Unit
—Hilda Guerrero de Molina Unit

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