Luciano Arruga Brigade responds to street cleaner’s death

From Liberación Total (July 21, 2010):


For the time being, let’s clarify a number of concerns that our Revolutionary Cells comrades have expressed regarding our operations.

1. In the case of our first communiqué, the comrade who disseminated it made an error. Said comrade is part of the Simon  Radowitzky Unit, which had previously published a claim under the name “Revolutionary Cells,” so the name was used again. This error will be corrected in future communiqués, which will be signed by the Luciano Arruga Brigade and the Unit(s) involved.

2. During the Cipolletti attacks, an innocent worker—toiling for this exploitative regime’s scraps and drippings—sadly fell victim to one of the bombs. The brothers in the Unit had previously observed that when a bag of garbage was left at the location, a police officer would remove it. Therefore, they thought that planting a bomb there would only hurt one of the system’s brutes. Regrettably, this was not the case. The Unit is undergoing a self-criticism regarding the action, and it will plan future attacks more thoroughly.

Almost all of us are anarchists, and we agree with most of what the Revolutionary Cells set forth, but we have decided to begin our own project through the Luciano Arruga Brigade.

Our Units support the regional struggle against the police and the oppressor state, and we also back the Autonomous Mapuche in their fight for land and liberty against the MPN (Neuquén People’s Movement) government of Neuquén province and against those supported by the national state in Río Negro. It should be noted that there has been no support for the investigations into police abuse in Río Negro because the province is “allied” to the system’s main party.

Likewise, our war is against the state and the church, which is a dirty opiate that destroys human freedom.

We also are collaborating with a group of class-conscious comrades who have decided to link their fate to ours in a truly anti-systemic struggle against the union bureaucracy.

War on the State and the system that corrupts human freedom!
Freedom for the prisoners in struggle: Martino, La Galle, and so many others

—Luciano Arruga Brigade
—Juan Bianchi Unit
—August 22 Classist Collective
—Diego Petrissans Unit
—Bonefoi-Carrasco Unit
—Cardenas-Fuentealba Unit
—Simon Radowitzky Unit
—Leandro Morel Unit
—Heroes of the Tragic Week Unit

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