Expropriations of banks and security companies in Buenos Aires, Argentina

From Liberación Total (July 9, 2010):

Buenos Aires
July 8, 2010

Via this communiqué, the Luciano Arruga Brigade—operating through the Diego Petrissans and Leandro Morel Units—claims responsibility for the expropriation of ill-gotten gains from international and state loan sharks during the robberies of the Banco Provincia in Buenos Aires today, July 8, 2010, and the Standard Bank at 1064 Calle L.N. Além two weeks ago. On both occasions, we took money from the tellers and—after a hasty retreat—left behind fake bombs in order to delay the pigs.

In the struggle against the bourgeoisie and the exploiters, the Luciano Arruga Brigade welcomes the addition of the Juan Bianchi and Simon Radowitzky Units, which have expropriated weapons from private security company employees in General Pacheco and Quilmes.

We also salute the August 22 Classist Collective, which strengthens our comradely ranks in the struggle against the bourgeoisie and the union bureaucracy, and which has begun to attack certain yellow unions in the south.

Additionally, we salute the comrades in Neuquén and Bariloche who have clashed with the forces of repression and suffered the losses of young comrades.

Their deaths will be avenged, and the blood of their executioners will water the soil of Bariloche and wherever it is spilled.

Freedom for Social Fighter Martino of the FAR.

—Revolutionary Cells
—Luciano Arruga Brigade
—Diego Petrissans Unit
—Leandro Morel Unit
—Juan Bianchi Unit
—August 22 Classist Collective
—Simon Radowitzky Unit

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