Comrades from January 22 Collective end hunger strike in Chile

From Liberación Total (July 4, 2010):

To all anarchists in Chile and the rest of the world:

Today, Thursday, July 1, 2010, we want to publicize our decision to stop this difficult conflict with the enemy imprisoning us.

We ended our hunger strike on June 29, 2010, for the following reasons:

1. The dialogue we had with the police, which was satisfactory to us. We believe it has advanced our struggle, which will continue through legal channels.

2. We have managed to crush the enemy within. There is a realization that we are human beings, and an understanding that our struggle reaches further than these walls.

We believe this is actually nothing more than a truce, since we have yet to attain our path to Santiago Maximum Security Prison.

We remain on permanent alert for the time being, united in the struggle for the destruction of prison society.

—January 22 Collective (Sergio Vasquez Barrientos & Alberto Olivares Fuenzalida), Santiago Prison Death Camp, A Wing

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