Another compa leaves the state’s death camps: Cristián Cancino on the streets!!

From Liberación Total:

April 12, 2010

Cristián Cancino’s plea hearing was held today at around 9:30 a.m. The object of the hearing was for Cristián to admit his guilt and thereby obtain some type of sentencing leniency. The filthy prosecutor explained all the incriminating evidence derived from the May 22, 2009 raid on La Idea Occupied Social Center, among which he singled out the planted explosive material and the fact that the black powder was located in Cristián’s room. After illustrating his facts, he requested a three-year prison sentence. The defense countered by asking for a suspended sentence (probation), which was accepted by the judge. Cristián is expected to be freed from the dungeons of Santiago 1 during the course of the afternoon.

Although this type of plea admits guilt and accepts the evidence, these are strategies for the liberation of our comrade. Perhaps this means playing the game with power, but the focus will always be on our brother’s well-being. It pains us that our comrade is confessing to something he didn’t do, but we are wildly happy that he is on the streets. We hope he doesn’t back down from the struggle, and that everything he experienced in the jails of the rich can be used by all of us who keep fighting for the destruction of domination.

—In Anonymous Solidarity

We will continue spreading terror to clarify that we will not stop our offensive, every day, every month, and every year. Attacks will multiply until everything falls. Incendiary embraces.

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