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In memory of Lambros Foundas

From Klinamen:

March 15, 2010


We translated some of the lines written by your comrades and friends.

We will continue your struggle right where you were murdered, in the streets; and against those who murdered you, the powerful.

We respectfully salute you.

Rest in peace.


In order to cover up cold-blooded murder, domination is seeking complicity with thugs and civilian snitches. No tolerance for the powerful or their informants.

We will not stop talking about Lambros Foundas (Λαμπρός Φούντας), despite the suffocating climate of repression the state wants to promote.

It’s difficult to accept that we will not see comrade Lambros again.

The upheavals in society, the upheavals caused by his individual actions, and the unbroken coherence and continuing development of consciousness, decisive attitude, social solidarity, and collective struggle embodied in the variety of his actions always made him a danger to the totality of power and the state.

A dangerous enemy of the state and every mechanism of power; a man with a passion for freedom, who permeated the thinking of everyone he met on his way; a sincere friend to all who fought beside him. He broke apart hypocrisy and deception with his attitude and the depth of his ideas. Walking with you, comrade and friend Lambros, was a training course in anarchy and liberty, a process of studying the depths of human knowledge and freedom.

Therefore, Lambros never “washed his hair” of things. His sensitivity toward each person who needed solidarity grew in accordance with his daily conduct, his decisive attitude, his rebelliousness, and the strength of his attack against the state and the restraining, submissive relationships between people.

There are some men who are so venerable and respectable that they seem to come from the future. That’s why all of us who stood shoulder to shoulder with Lambros were aware that “in our times” it was our duty to bring about a conflict of great importance to this moment in history, filled with continuous struggles and confrontations that would free us from the chains of power.

A history that brings us one step forward, carefully, with suitable dignity and initiative, breaking the circle of fear they construct and trap us with, and finally intensifying the need for anarchy.


You walk with your head held high, the same way you appeared, just like I knew you, like always.

I envy you.

What is death?

Is it like complete darkness, which in time you get used to and never worries you again?

And you leave us behind with our damages and faults, with our miseries and doubts, and we find excuses to let one day slip away, and another day, and one more day, and yet another.

I envy you.

Because you are good, always good.

I need you
to teach me to speak with dignity,
to teach me to not be afraid
to teach me to make peace with myself.

I need you by my side on the streets and on my path.

And you speak, you speak to me.

And you listen, you listen to me.

And I steal a little strength from your honesty, a little courage from your freedom, a little belief from your values.

You were called terrorist.

Yes, it’s true. You terrorized our fear, our compliance, our conformity, our apathy, the emptiness in our eyes, the humbling of our passion, our resignation to ugliness (dirtiness), our muzzles, blinders, handcuffs, and chains, which kept us from being dangerous.

There is one more thing I want to ask you.

There are those who say they choose not to act because they are afraid to lose their lives. They love life, they say.

Others choose to act for the exact same reason. They say they love life and can’t stand to waste it.

You tell me: Can it be that both are right?

It can’t be.


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