Bombing near Federal Prison System headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina

From Liberación Total:

December 28, 2009

Direct action in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike


At around 2 a.m. on Sunday, December 27, we left an explosive device in the vicinity of the Federal Prison System headquarters located at the corner of Calle Lavalle and Calle Pueyrredon. We hid the charge under an SUV owned by some bourgeois, once again showing the vulnerability of the control these hired killers try to exert over our lives.

We want to dedicate this action to the anarchist prisoners on hunger strike from December 20 to January 1, thereby spreading the offensive they began and remembering our fallen comrades in the struggle against the state, capital, and prison—like Mauricio Morales, like Zoe, like Paco Ortiz, like so many others.

While our enemies hold our brothers and sisters captive in their death camps, they will not have a moment’s peace, even in their own cellars.

– Revolutionary Cells (Xosé Tarrio Group)

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