Attack against SERVIPAG in Chile

From Liberación Total:

November 19, 2009


On the morning of Wednesday the 18th, at around 2:30 a.m., the Black Antiauthoritarian Cell evaded the state’s guardians once again. Armed and ready to destroy the daily routine that reigns over society these days, we began our action, heading to one of the properties located on Calle Pajaritos in Maipú that keeps civilization in order every day by supplying it via bill payments and motor vehicle taxes.

Organized, two of us entered: jumping fences, avoiding security, and drenching the walls, ground, sign, and metal gate with gasoline. Jumping the fences again, two comrades were waiting for us outside with two paint bombs and three Molotov cocktails; we sprung into action, and the property went up in flames. Before disappearing from the scene, we dropped leaflets that read: “For the destruction of all ideologies imposed by power, so that words turn into fire and chaos reigns over this cowardly, submissive society.”

War is declared and we will not rest until we see this society in flames
For the spread of actions and solidarity with prisoners
Fire and organized chaos against authority

– Black Antiauthoritarian Cell

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