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Attack on Center for Advanced Security Training in Barcelona, Spain

From Liberación Total:

November 18, 2009


On Sunday, November 15, we paid a visit to the Center for Advanced Security Training in Barcelona. The result was a fire in an electrical junction box, leaving the entire electrical system out of commission.

This is our message of absolute contempt to all security forces, state or private, because we sincerely despise all authority.

For all the comrades in prison, and against all the walls of oppression.

– Anonymous . . .

Explosion at Banco Ciudad in Argentina

From Liberación Total:

November 17, 2009


We attacked a Banco Ciudad (in Bernardo de Irigoyen) on the morning of the 16th in order to show our hatred toward the Argentine state for having captured and locked up (comrade) Chilean political prisoners Marcelo Villarroel and Freddy Fuentevillaimprisoned in unit N 11 in Neuquenin its extermination chambers since March 2008.

We reject all oppression and injustice committed against the Nation of Mapuche People, in the same way that we also reject the resignation of the new metropolitan police chief Eugenio Burzaco, who was advising Jorge Sobisch, then governor of Neuquen, on security matters when the police repression that ended the life of Carlos Fuentealba was ordered. We hate UCEP (Public Space Control Unit)! Disband it now!

No to deportation!!!
No to the extradition of Freddy Fuentevilla and Marcelo Villarroel!!!

Freedom for all prisoners!!
Down with Macri and his police state!!

This is another demonstration of our cry of rebellion, and we will continue to unleash vengeance if our comrades are deported!!

We passed by unnoticed, right before your eyes; you, who control everything?! All these years of violence will be met with more violence!

Freedom for Marcelo Villarroel and Freddy Fuentevilla!!!

– Marco Ariel Antonioletti Revolutionary Cell

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