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Johnny Cariqueo Autonomous Social Center and Anarchist Library, on Diego Ríos’ departure

From Hommodolars Contrainformación:

October 23, 2009

Sent via e-mail

Four months have now passed since June 24, 2009, when our space was raided in search of Diego Ríos after explosive materials were seized from his mother’s house.

Diego lived here and took an active part in constructing the character of the space; together with him we learned to turn antiauthoritarian discourse into praxis, since we always foresaw prison and death as the consequences of our attitude of war against society. That day, our comrade chose to begin his escape in order to avoid prison as much as possible, and since that time he has released two communiqués in which he explains his position of war on capital. [The first communiqué: Spanish, English; the second communiqué: Spanish, English]

Our comrade’s departure has permeated deep within us, and to keep quiet about the situation would douse the flames he lit when he turned his escape into an explicit act of rebellion, breaking with the classic ways of understanding underground life, as the subject was practically taboo.

Circumstances show us that antiauthoritarian struggle should spread through action against the enemy. Standing by a critique that justifies passivity implies the isolation of our comrade’s power to spread his experience in order to actively contribute to the knowledge of those who do not accept leadership or structure.

For us, the best way to support our comrade is to not stop the struggle we took up together. He is present in each act of rebellion that we begin and sustain. Diego Ríos is not an idealized comrade; to us, he is a clear example of the consequences of this war to the death against capital. The pain we feel cannot remain private, but it should be channeled into courage and caution, into more assertive acts that overwhelm the enemy, as we try to do through the ideas we forge and practice together. Our brother has already demonstrated how he understands his situation; we vindicate his escape as a direct action against the dark designs that power has on his life. Prisons should be destroyed and avoided, and our comrade is a clear example of that negation.

We salute his decision, we respect it and support it from the deepest part of our insurrectionary hearts. We repeat our rejection of unfortunate decisions like those taken by Diego’s mother, who in her eagerness to get her son back is capable of tolerating the fact that it can only happen between torture and prison. We do not support the police investigation that has intensified since the death of our comrade Mauricio Morales, after which Cristian Cansino was imprisoned and the press began to focus its media circus on social centers and squats.

We know that Diego’s action speaks for itself, and we will not transform his name into an icon or view him as a martyr. Diego’s escape is the result of a serious error, and he had the capacity to undertake it, always thinking about the continuation of the struggle.

Together we gave meaning to life, which is, as Mauricio Morales said, “to try to live anarchy”; that is, the destruction of capital, its supporters, and its false critics.

We do not forget our comrade Mauricio Morales, who is no longer physically with us due to the detonation of an explosive device he was carrying; he, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Marco Camenisch, Claudia López, Axel Osorio, Cristian Cansino, and many others are always present, and they give us the strength to continue this restless struggle against all forms of authority. Brotherly regards to all comrades who have been paying attention to recent events and have shown solidarity beyond words with this and other spaces that are being harassed by authority.



– Johnny Cariqueo Autonomous Social Center and Anarchist Library

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