From underground, Diego Ríos’ second communiqué

A translation of Diego Ríos’ first communiqué can be found on page 22 of 325 #7.

From Liberación Total:

October 3, 2009

This is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.1

Many are the feelings and reasons that have led me to sketch out some ideas and post them to the web. Above all, I want to give brotherly thanks and support for all the displays of affection and insurrectional solidarity actions that have taken place recently (and for those to come, why not?). For me and for all those who share the desire to destroy this society of passive slaves, it always pleases, excites, and boosts morale to know about the daring and constant attacks on power being carried out by groups and individuals who—despite the acutely repressive context, anywhere in the world—don’t bow their heads, and continue to put the dangerous force of liberty into practice without hiding under the bed in anticipation of better times.

One inevitably reflects—and many do as yet another act on the stage on which our lives/struggles (an indivisible formula for enemies of the existing order) unfold—that to share and learn about the experiences of others while cautiously intensifying one’s own becomes extremely necessary in order to avoid the errors and desertions that eagerly invite repression. As a result, imagination and historical knowledge become part of an arsenal that can give us a good start to never being stopped; thus, if we are faced with, among other things, a technological/military apparatus, we should fight the conformism and fear within ourselves in the same way that society (and all its moralist, reformist, intellectual, consumerist, etc., expressions) looks to submit us. Every day, all of us who confront all forms of authority and exploitation and refuse to be comfortable accomplices should reaffirm the difficult path we have selected and show ourselves that that we are worthy of our chosen objective.

For me, it has already been several months during which I have needed to act with the utmost secrecy, avoiding the investigations of the police apparatus moving behind me, since I am certainly the perfect media excuse with which the Capital-State intends to return false security to and absolute dominance over life, despite being thwarted by so many anonymous shadows, every day, everywhere. I’m sure that the police don’t have the naïve suspicion that capturing me would dismantle some terrorist organization, although it doesn’t surprise me that it figures in their reasoning. They know that no permanent or rigid structure exists behind me, but their attempt to theoretically understand affinity groups and informal organization is not in vain, and I believe that it would be an error to underestimate them. Today they pursue me because they want to immobilize me; with an exemplary punishment, they want to curb the spread of an insurrectional idea that necessarily leads to practice. They pursue me because I practice and promote a way of life that destroys the foundations of the established order, because I am part of a dynamic and diffuse force that grows and asserts that not all of us are resigned to surviving within the submissive routine of exploitation, that we do not accept life as an obligatory and monotonous process that stems from what we are permitted, that there are many who are not seeking dialogue with or concessions from authority, but who instead aim for its total destruction.

If today my will/escape is an expression of how avoidable or vulnerable the system’s control can be, of the various ways of opposing the manipulation of our wishes or the submission of society, then I want to express it openly. In the same way, I reaffirm my free choice to live underground, which does not at all mean that “I have been staying home,” as I continue to reject what life is under the dominance of economic, political, police, or any other form of power. I remain obstinately zealous about making the totality of life a war against the existing world, which represents a tremendous challenge to all those who decide to confront it. I believe in the necessity and consequences of being a living testament to the negation of this world. It thus follows that solidarity and propaganda by the deed have the same value to me, just like they drive me far from the bright lights of the capitalist spectacle. My mistakes and carelessness brought these circumstances—in which I choose to keep myself far away from everyone I love and everything that forms part of my daily life—upon me; therefore, they have sparked a process of self-examination and personal growth, and they ensure that I now take additional precautions to keep myself out of the clutches of our enemies. Everything has changed for me, but my feelings and potency have only become stronger.

From the distant road I travel, I hope that my words will in some way be a support and an expression of affection to all my comrades and all those inside and outside the prison walls, who are part of the force and energy of inexhaustible conflict.

Finally, I salute all actions that attack power, and with the hope that they continue, I say good-bye.


1Or do you have any doubt, Sub-Inspector Ismael Andrade?

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