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Telephone tower sabotaged in Mexico

From Liberación Total:

October 6, 2009


On the night of October 4, we traveled through the underbrush in the Atizapan viaduct above the Mexico-Toluca expressway in Mexico State in order to sabotage one of the many properties belonging to Telmex, destroyer of the Earth: a large cellular phone tower protected by a metal fence. The environmental impact of planting a tower like this in the ground is unspeakably harmful, since forcing it on to nature requires the cutting down of different trees in which distinct animal species live, while the waves emitted by such towers leave the soil barren and dry.

After examining these repercussions and others, we came to the conclusion that this civilization-expanding, ecosystem-destroying machinery should be sabotaged now! We will not allow businesses like Telmex their customary luxury of turning the Earth into a commodity that profits the few without making sure their property receives an overwhelming response from eco-radicals.

Therefore, we primed an incendiary device with six liters of gasoline, penetrated “private” property by destroying a grating, and placed said device above the cables that transmit telephone signals. As expected, our gift worked perfectly, and the fire completely destroyed the cables while the power generators below exploded, leaving filthy Carlos Slim’s tower useless and causing the loss of thousands of pesos.

This action is dedicated to all the cells that made an appearance in September despite massive isolation. The war against everything that wants to dominate us continues as we keep moving forward!

Additionally, through this communiqué we want to express our most sincere direct solidarity with those arrested on October 2 during the state repression against student groups, reporters from alternative media, and anarchists in the capital and in Oaxaca. After witnessing the inept set-up wielded against student activist Ramsés Villarreal, we also know that businesses (including Telmex) are categorically demanding that their servant the state imprisons people.

Solidarity with the individuals now imprisoned for fighting directly against the riot police should be shown in every way. We don’t know these people, nor does it interest us in the least to criminalize them, as groups of anarcho-cowards, anarcho-stalinists, red syndicalists, and the rest of the shit reformists will surely do. We are not interested in saying if they are innocent or guilty, for that is a standard dictated by the state and its judges. What matters to us is changing strategy in order to fight and return all the blows that the state has dealt us. Now is the time. The insurrection lives day-by-day, and we will not wait to arm our revolution.

– Earth Liberation Front

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